You’ve probably seen and experienced for yourself that there’s a lot of negativity surrounding ADHD.  Aside from those people who think it’s a made up condition (it’s not), most people focus on the negatives of the condition… the lack of attention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, anxiety…  

…and if you find it difficult to live well with your ADHD, you might struggle to see the benefits too… 

Now, not every person has the same personality traits, and no two people with ADHD are exactly the same.  At the end of the day we are so much more than people who have ADHD.  

So today I want to focus on the positives of living with ADHD.  

Here are my top 8 benefits to living with ADHD.


ADHDers who have learnt to adjust often have great sense of humour.  Many will use humour to cope with difficult situations.


Research has shown that ADHDers are creative individuals.  Have you ever found that you look at things from a completely different perspective to the rest of the world?  The way we see and approach things can be seen as somewhat different. But this is our creative side, our originality that makes us different from everyone else.


Having an impulsive side doesn’t have to be a negative thing.  It’s our chance to break free, to get out of our comfort zone and try new things.  Where we take chances and experience new things, those without ADHD often find they don’t have the confidence but wish they could.


Some people with ADHD can have endless amounts of energy.  If we can channel this extra energy, it can help us be successful in work, play and life in general.


With high levels of energy, ADHDers can be seen as being driven and passionate.  This can inspire and motivate others with their own passion and drive to push for their own goals.


When your eyes were opened up to the world of ADHD, did you start to notice how unique everyone else is?  You suddenly start to appreciate how true it is that everyone shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush. Sometimes we all need different things or ways to do things to help us succeed…

Specialised Career

Whilst reduced focus, impulsiveness and lack of patience can be seen as negatives for climbing the career ladder, these traits can actually prove useful on the right career path.  

Jobs that are fast paced, where tasks are changing frequently can be the perfect setting for someone with ADHD.  

Careers such as firefighter, police officer, paramedics and producers could be well suited.  Or perhaps something more for the creative side including artist, journalist, photographer or musician.


Living with ADHD doesn’t mean we have to stop and give up, or to change who we are.  It does mean that sometimes we have to find other ways to do things or work to harness our personality traits to achieve positive outcomes.

When harnessed correctly, living with ADHD can be one of your greatest assets.  If you’ve not figured out how to take advantage of your own traits yet then why not contact me to find out how I could help.  Or if you want to take action today, click here to book in for your consultation assessment.