As ADHDers, we have some amazing abilities and unique traits that make us who we are.  But often our strengths are overlooked with the negativity surrounding the condition.  

We’ve grown up sometimes with criticism, shame, fear; all leading to self-doubt.  This can make it very hard to appreciate the gift of some of the unique and amazing abilities that we have.

If you haven’t yet realised just how amazing you are, here are 9 things to love about having ADHD.

A winning personality 

ADHDers are often people who are bright and creative people, with a great sense of humour.  We are loving, loyal and generous to those around us. Throughout our lives, we may have faced many challenges and setbacks, but we’re resilient, tough and keep soldering on. 


Let’s face it, we can be impulsive at times.  But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We’re brave, willing to take chances and step out of our comfort zones.  Willing to take risks, grabbing opportunities with both hands. There’s nothing holding us back from taking a chance.

Engaging conversationalists

Conversations with us are never dull.  When our minds are racing, topics of discussion change often, with lots of questions.  There’s never a lull in the conversation and all the time we’re expanding our minds and experiences.


We’ve faced challenges and criticism over the years.  Coming up against difficulties and discouragement. But in spite of these obstacles, we keep going.  We keep trying. We don’t give up or give in.  


Growing up sometimes feeling a bit different from others or a little lost can have a positive effect on our ability to show compassion towards others.  We can understand and appreciate things a little more which can lead to us showing love and compassion towards others who may be struggling or facing their own challenges.


Sometimes our minds just won’t stop where we’re absorbing and taking in so much information around us.  We’re expanding our brains and minds all the time. But when we are hyperfocusing, we learn so much more than the average person ever could.  

Different perspective

The way we view the world from non-ADHDers is completely different.  And with our creative and wider outlook, it allows us to have a much different and often more open perspective to things around us.  We can see the bigger picture, the missed opportunities.


When we find something we really enjoy, something we love and find interesting, there’s nothing that can stop us.  We have such a strong sense of drive and passion to give it our all, and not forgetting that ability to hyperfocus!

We’re great under pressure

You would think that when the time came, we would blunder under a little bit of pressure.  But actually, because we are often already pent up and reacting to things somewhat faster than non-ADHDers, we make the perfect people to be around and think during a stressful or urgent situation.  In fact, evidence seems to suggest that the extra burst of adrenaline focuses our mind on the task.

If you haven’t yet learnt to love your ADHD, my approach would be perfect for you.  During our sessions, we’ll get your mind working with you, allowing you to start living your best life.  Click here to book your appointment now or if you have any questions, you can contact me here.