It sometimes feels like no-one can relate or know how it feels to be living with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  But, according to an article by the BBC in 2018, there are over 1.5 million adults in the UK living with the condition. 

Many people can struggle with symptoms and fail to see the benefits of the condition.  But it doesn’t mean that your life has to stop or hold you back. And here are some shining examples… here are 11 celebrities living with ADHD.

Ant McPartlin, TV Presenter

Ant was diagnosed with ADHD in 2018 at the age of 2018.  It came about after he was convicted of drink-driving. After his diagnosis he said it made sense as there are a lot of links to alcohol dependency.  

But he has found the benefits of the condition.  “In my job, having what they call ‘popcorn thinking’ is good because it means you can jump from one thing to another. Professionally, it’s brilliant. Personally, I’m all over the place.”

Adam Levine, Lead Singer of Maroon 5 

Adam struggled to live a ‘normal’ life as a child.  He struggled with sitting still, focusing and completing work.  He found he had loads of ideas in his head, but not knowing how to get them down.  His parents tried to help find treatment, but his symptoms continued into adulthood, and still deals with it on a daily basis.  

But to Adam, “ADHD isn’t a bad thing, and you shouldn’t feel different from those without ADHD,”  he wrote for Additude Magazine.  “Remember that you are not alone. There are others going through the same thing.”  

Richard Bacon, TV Presenter

Former Blue Peter presenter, Richard Bacon, sought help after his life and behaviour had spiralled out of control.  He was fired and publicly shamed after confessing to snorting cocaine. He underwent investigations with a specialist and was formally diagnosed in 2018 at the age of 42.

“It’s a relief to be diagnosed. I’m so much better, I’m sleeping a lot better, only drinking a couple of times a week and a lot less.”  He said., Singer and Record Producer is another artist who found a way to make the most of his condition through music.  He admits that he doesn’t know how to stop or slow down. However, he now believes that music is his therapy.  He finds music helps him control his thoughts and helps to keep his mind focused.

Justin Timberlake, Singer and Actor

Justin revealed his diagnosis of ADHD and OCD in an interview with  He said “I have OCD mixed with ADD.  You try living with that [combination].”

But it doesn’t seem to have stopped him.  He’s not spoken of his condition so openly since, but with his highly successful career he has clearly found a way of dealing with everyday life.

Britney Spears, Singer and Actress

It’s reported that Britney was diagnosed with ADHD in her teens and used to take medication for it.  However, with her current treatment for mental health problems, she can no longer take Adderall or Ritalin, commonly given to people with ADHD.

During her time as a judge on X Factor US, Britney would struggle to sit still during filming.  Simon Cowell was aware of her condition before the contract was signed and was supportive of her taking breaks when she needed.

Channing Tatum, Actor and Dancer

Channing has openly spoken about his difficult past growing up with ADHD and dyslexia.  He was placed in a special education class with children who had down syndrome and autism but didn’t feel like he fit anywhere.  His mum encouraged him to be like a sponge and learn from people and their experiences because he struggled to absorb information from textbooks.

He credits his successful Hollywood career from what he has learnt from his peers and mentors.

Albert Einstein, Physicist 

Many researchers believe that Albert showed many traits of ADHD.  Despite having an outstanding mind for mathematics and physics, it’s believed he struggled with things like memory, inattention, disorganised, hyper-focusing and impulsiveness.  It’s also thought he may have had Asperger syndrome too, but a definitive diagnosis is impossible as he died before the conditions came to be known.

Emma Watson, Actress

Best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, Emma was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and has been on medication since.  

She’s not talked about her condition, but she’s not let it stand in her way.  Aside from starring in the Harry Potter series, she graduated from an Ivy League school, has starred in a number of other feature films including the live action version of Beauty and Beast, and is also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Lisa Ling, Journalist

Lisa was frustrated with her inability to focus.  Whilst filming an ADHD themed episode of Our America with Lisa Ling, she had her suspicions that she had the condition and it encouraged her to seek an evaluation at the age of 40.  

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer

Michael was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9 after showing difficulty to concentrate at school and finding homework difficult.  According to his mum, swimming helped Michael to manage his systems by keeping him focused and disciplined.  

His ADHD hasn’t held him back and he has become one of the most decorated Olympians of all time with a record-breaking 23 gold medals.

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