Wondering whether hypnotherapy could be for you?  What to expect and whether I’d be the right therapist for you?  Here is a client case study from the lovely Katherine who shares her thoughts on her own experience.

What problem(s) were you hoping to solve?

General anxiety, depression and lack of self confidence.

How long were you living with this problem?

Ages 14-22, approximately 8 years.

How did the problem affect you and impact on your life?

I have had bouts of depression since about age 14.  I struggled with adjusting to the social pressure in secondary school which was difficult as I had always been an extremely happy and confident child through primary school.  I was talented at sport, but the depression pushed me to give up everything, aged about 15 due to lack of motivation.  I swapped secondary schools twice, dropped out of A levels, did various jobs for small amounts of time and started and dropped out of university.  I also displayed various self destructive behaviour such as going out, drinking and generally not caring about the consequences of my actions.  I have various unsuccessful relationships due to my lack of self confidence and was incredibly intense.  Prior to meeting Leah, I genuinely considered most of those 8 years as wasted time.  At age 21 I was prescribed anti-depressants.

What made you consider hypnotherapy?

I actually attended a session once with a different hypnotherapist for nerves when competing that I don’t feel it was effective.

What other options did you consider or try before attending your first hypnotherapy session?

Over the years I attended various counselling sessions and also went to see a psychotherapist who said I displayed traits of borderline personality disorder.

What made you sign up for an assessment consultation with me?

A family friend told me how hypnotherapy had helped her give up smoking.  A member of my family had sessions and, on their recommendation, I thought I’d give it a go as I was at that time having specific anxiety about competing at events.

What do you think would have happened if you hadn’t signed up for an assessment consultation?

I feel I’d be at a completely different stage in my life.  I’m now just completing my first year at university and have confidence that I never thought I’d have.  I think I would still be struggling with life in general and be going between doctor’s appointments where they signpost me to another mental health service.

How did you feel coming along to your first session?

Nervous and a little sceptical to be honest!

How did you feel after you left your first session?

I genuinely liked Leah as soon as I met her, she is incredibly easy to talk to and I think I thought even if the hypnotherapy didn’t work in the long run, the talking would help!

How did the sessions/hypnotherapy compare to what you were expecting?

I didn’t realise there’d be so much talking before the actual hypnotherapy.  In some sessions we talk for more time than we spend going the actual hypnotherapy.  You turn up to a session thinking you have no issues and nothing to say but by the end you’ve discovered a specific problem which in some cases is massively affecting your life.

I also didn’t realise it would be so relaxing!  There are no clocks on chains or chants!  Just a comfy bed and a blanket.

What changes have you seen since coming along to hypnotherapy?

I couldn’t list all of the changes on paper.  They’ve been enormous.  I feel like I have an advantage over anyone who doesn’t see Leah.  I am (for the first time ever) completely happy with myself which has hugely improved my confidence in all situations.  I still have the occasional bad day but I’m able to tell myself it’s just one day and that it will pass and not beat myself up for it.  It’s also taken me right back to when the depression started and addressed the causes.  I have always thought I had nothing to be depressed about but talking everything out with Leah and addressing them in a hypnotherapy session has let me be much easier on myself.

Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

I can honestly say Leah has changed my life.  If anyone were considering whether to book a session I’d say do it without a doubt.  I know for me and the other people I know who see her, the sessions are priceless!

If you want to find happiness and find confidence you never knew you had, why not get in touch to find out how I could help you to start living your best life.  You can contact me here or click here to book in for your assessment consultation now.