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Most frequent questions and answers

I specialise in a kind of hypnotherapy called Solution Focus Hypnotherapy (SFHT).

It’s a very grounded form of therapy. We don’t try and solve issues from your past – they’ve already been and gone! Instead, we look at the lasting effects those issues have had and work through the solutions.

Your initial assessment is only £100 after which we will then explore the best course of action for you based on your specific needs. This will be 100% refundable should you decide not to go ahead.

In a nutshell: yes. Many people with ADHD can benefit hugely from hypnotherapy.

What hypnotherapy does not do is “cure” ADHD. As far as we know, there is no such cure – and, even if there were, many of us would not want to give up the advantages that come with the downsides.

Instead, we work to find tranquillity and acceptance within the mind you inhabit. This, of course, has the knock-on effect of limiting future damage from ADHD.  

Hypnotherapy can be used alone or alongside other treatments like medication. It can tremendously improve your quality of life.

Not at all!

Technology has meant that I can offer ADHD hypnotherapy to people all around the UK.

The process works just as well via video call as it does in person.

This has been a great help to many clients, especially those with ADHD. Often, organising the extra time to travel to my clinic was tricky. This way, a session can be easily scheduled around existing commitments or down time. Simple!

I also specialise in hypnotherapy for body confidence, smoking addiction, sleep addiction and much more. You can find more about my other services at Hypnotherapy Plymouth

Please get in touch directly if you’d like to talk with me about sessions for your child.


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