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The Problem: overflowing  stress bucket 

Imagine a bucket, used to store all of your negative emotions, thoughts and anxieties.

Worries about the future. Stress about the present. Ruminating over the past.

As the bucket fills up and overflows, you become flustered and panicked. That only makes things worse!


While anxiety caused by overflowing stress feels the same whether the sufferer has ADHD or not, ADHD stress buckets tend to fill up pretty quickly.


  • If you’re churning through 10,000 thoughts a minute, the number of negative ones is bigger too.
  • Diagnosis can be a relief, but many feel burdened by the label of ADHD and the stereotypes that come with it.
  • Forgetfulness can mean missed appointments, lost documents and lateness.

  • ADHD symptoms often cause school and work issues.
  • “Self-medication” often causes substance abuse or unwise thrill seeking, which come with their own sets of stressors.

The cause: primitive mind vs thinking mind


You may have heard about two major sections of our brains: the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.

Simply put, the limbic system is the primitive mind. It’s the automatic part of your brain – the bit that deals with response, reflex and emotion

The primitive, caveman part of the mind is the root of the stress and anxiety felt by many people with ADHD.

The primitive mind is great for those days when you walk around a corner and meet a sabre-toothed tiger.

OK, so not a very common problem in 2019! But you may be able to recall a similar experience: nearly being hit by a car; or seeing a large dog charging towards you, barking and growling.

Yikes! You can imagine the physical and mental reaction:

Your “primitive brain” takes the reins from your thinking mind (this is an emergency, no time for thinking!).

Freeze or run.

The prefrontal cortex (the thinking mind) acts like a conductor, or a schoolteacher – sometimes even a translator.

It processes the input from other parts of the brain and makes sense of it, allowing you to act rationally (rather than impulsively).

The many things this helps with are grouped together in the term “executive function”, which you may have heard before.

People with ADHD struggle with executive function – it includes things like working memory, sensory processing and impulse control.

ADHD treatment

ADHD & the primitive mind

Where the problems begin is when the primitive mind starts being flexed all the time.

During times of anxiety and stress, the brain reacts in the same way as it does during a “fight or flight situation”. 

That means less power to the thinking mind (which is why things keep getting worse when you’re frustrated or flustered) and more power to the primitive mind.

One theory goes that, like a muscle, the primitive reaction grows in power as the prefrontal cortex loses influence.

It’s theorised that people with ADHD already have an over-active primitive mind, which exacerbates executive function issues.

This is made worse by the extra stress and worries mentioned above.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in 


Just to be clear before we get into this, what hypnotherapy does not do is “cure” ADHD. 

As far as we know, there is no such cure – and, even if there were, many of us would not want to give up the advantages that come with the downsides.

Instead, my ADHD hypnotherapy sessions work to find tranquility and acceptance within the mind you inhabit to help your inner caveman and professor work in harmony for a significantly improved quality of life.

My Money Back Guarantee

Your consultation assessment is a one-hour session that allows me to find out more about you, and explain to you exactly how I can help.

It is covered by a rock-solid guarantee – if at the end of the session you don’t feel it has been helpful then you just need to let me know, and I’ll give you my time for free.